Here are a few of my favorite art supplies and tools that I use to create art. If interested, the links are included by clicking on the image, so you can order directly from

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Hope you get inspired to start creating and happy shopping!

 Art paper and canvases:

Yupo paper is made of waterproof polypropylene and it's perfect for using alcohol inks and blending solution. It's so much fun to see what happens naturally when you apply the ink to the paper.  I like to use the 9x12 in. size so the paper fits my scanner with just a small overlap.

A Painting Panel is a great surface to paint on since it can withstand a lot of pressure when applying paint and it won't warp.  You can apply the paint directly to the panel or use a couple coats of gesso before painting.  

I like using this Arches watercolor pad since the watercolor painting will dry flat on it.  Once it's dry, you can slide a knife into the opening in the black band to free the top sheet off.  This is also a 9x12" size, which is great for the scanner.

This Arteza canvas can be used with oil paints, watercolors, acrylic, tempera and gouache.  It's a great quality primed canvas for the price.

Brushes, Gesso and Gel Medium

Golden Acrylic Gesso works great.  Sometimes I thin it out with a touch of water so it goes on smoothly.

This works nicely for both adhering collage items to the painting and for a nice top coat.  It dries clear and doesn't yellow.  I occasionally use a semi gloss gel medium as well if I want a semi gloss finish to the art.

These brushes come in 15 different sizes for a great price.  They work great and keep their shape.  For bigger brushes, I get them at Home Depot in the paint section.

Favorite paints and colors 

You can't go wrong with Golden and liquitex paint colors.  Here are some of my favorites: 




Irridescent Gold 

Paynes Gray has the most beautiful deep blue color.


Titan Buff is a pretty neutral color and great for toning                                            down bright colors.


Alcohol Inks work perfectly with Yupo paper. This is a great set to get started.


This blending solution will help the inks spread and will give you more control over the effect you're looking to achieve.


This is a great watercolor set to get started with.

 Scanners and printers

This scanner works great for making prints of original art.


If you're making prints of your artwork, Photoshop is a great tool to resize your images and edit them before printing.

I currrently use a print company to print and send my prints, but this is an excellent printer to create prints to mail to customers. 

This Epson Semi Gloss photo paper works great for creating stunning archival prints.

Books to get you inspired.

Please note: Some product links are affiliate links (I am a compensated affiliate of Amazon).